UFO blade

On Sunday 10 January 2009, Ecotricity founder Dale Vince woke up to strange reports that a UFO had struck one of the company’s windmills in Lincolnshire.

The ‘UFO blade’ – on show here – was unharmed but still attached to the windmill. A second, badly mangled blade, was also attached to the windmill and a third blade lay on the ground nearby...

Reports of UFOs in the area started appearing in the local press and online, numerous local people claimed to have seen flashing lights and other ‘tell tale’ signs. By Thursday things snowballed and The Sun newspaper carried the story on its front page that claimed a blade was missing and had been abducted by aliens. It wasn’t, it was simply laying in long grass. But the story ran around the world and exploded across the web.

Even The Guardian got in on the act. They claimed the flashes people saw in the sky weren't aliens but fireworks from an 80th birthday party that was being held nearby by one of their people.

Were aliens really to blame? Was it an MOD drone, as some claimed? Or was it fireworks and a second gunpowder plot? 

If you want to know what really happened come and find out.


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