Solar tracker

Sun power is an essential part of the renewable energy mix – and we're home to one of Britain's largest solar trackers.

It's called a tracker because it follows the sun across the sky – making the most of its rays all day long – and it harnesses this sun power to make clean green energy.
The photovoltaic (PV) panels are similar to the ones you see on people's roofs. And just like them, our tracker feeds power into our main building with any excess going straight onto the local grid.

Solar tracker

The technical bit...

  • It contains 44 panels covering 56m2
  • Made from mono crystalline, a single silicon crystal
  • They make 7.92 kilowatts of power 
  • They produce roughly 7,500 kWh of electricity, each year, enough power for two houses.

Why the Sun?

It’s probably the most awesome source of power in the known universe. Certainly it’s the most visible.

On a bright day, the sun supplies about 1,000 watts of energy per square metre of the Earth’s surface. An incredible amount of energy, which nature harnesses – without it we simply wouldn’t have life on our planet.

The challenge is one of technology, so that we can harness it ourselves.

It started with the space race. NASA developed the technology to power their (very) remote equipment, satellites and so on.

Back in the day the technology was very expensive and not so efficient – only people like NASA could afford it. But in recent years, as is the way, this technology has become both cheaper and more efficient, to the extent that making Green Electricity from the Sun has become quite commonplace – certainly in all sorts of small applications – think solar powered calculators and torches.

Generating your own energy

It’s now easier than ever to start generating your own electricity at home – and, as energy prices rise, it makes sense for the environment and your wallet.

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