Organic gardens

We harvest an abundance of food all year round using tried and tested organic methods. The vegetables, salads, fruit and herbs that we grow are put to good use in our cafe kitchen – or sold in our shop.

Take a walk round and you'll learn how and why we grow vegetables in polytunnels, what companion planting is and why we use green manure to encourage insects and other wildlife into our garden.

Feel free to interrupt our gardeners, they're always happy to share gardening advice – they'll even show you to make compost and lay hedges.

Heritage orchard

Unusual varieties of apples, pears and plums earned us a listing in The Telegraph’s 10 Orchards To Visit in 2007.

Today you'll find over 50 varieties of apple, pear, plum, quince and medlar trees growing here. Many are old Norfolk varieties, dating back over 200 years.

In keeping with tradition, we’ve planted blackcurrant and gooseberry bushes between the trees, a time-honoured practice carried out across Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.

Things made from willow

Our willow seating area is a great place to take five minutes out. Kids and big kids love walking through our hand woven willow tunnel, chilling out in our willow classroom or watching us build our willow fencing.

Willow's really versatile. You can shape it into structures while it's growing, or harvest it and use it to make fences, baskets and other things – it’s also a popular ingredient in biomass fuel.


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