Organic status

The whole of our site – all of our land and gardens – has been certified as organic, by the Organic Food Federation, since 2001.

But it wasn't always this way. Between 1971 and 1981 the site was home to the Brocks Fireworks factory. So, as with all brownfield sites, remediation work to restore soil quality was required before building could take place.

When work began to bring the site up to organic status we had to clear our soil and crops of prohibited chemicals and follow a list of standards, for two years (for non-perennial plants) or three years (for perennial plants, most notably our fruit trees) before the land was certified organic by the Organic Food Federation in 2001.

Our organic status requires us to keep full and accurate records, including where our seeds come from, any substances we use in the garden and organic growing techniques that we use.

Our garden produce is used in our café and sold over the counter. And a proportion of our apple crop is left for wildlife, in particular migrating birds in the early autumn.

Wholesome Food Association

We're also an affiliate producer of the Wholesome Food Association – a low-cost, grassroots alternative to organic certification for people in the UK who are growing or producing food to sell locally.

The Café

Swaffham cafe serving delicious homemade local and organic vegetarian food.  Free Wi-Fi and children's menu.


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